>'); // "Next" button - used with FORM/POST submitting. Used with PROCESSING_TYPE = "2" in "mrwhois_config.php" define('CLOSE_BUTTON_TEXT', 'Cerrar Ventana'); // "Close" button text in a details window define('AVAILABLE_TEXT', 'Disponible'); // Text displayed if the domain is available define('NOT_AVAILABLE_TEXT', 'Registrado'); // Text displayed if the domain is not available define('CANONICAL_TEXT', '(canonical)'); // Displayed when domain name is a canonical name, but may still be available define('RESTRICTION_TEXT', 'Si hay restricciones en el servidor Whois, no se podran ver los detalles de este dominio.'); // ====================================================================================== // ERROR MESSAGES LANGUAGE SETTINGS // ====================================================================================== define('ERROR_TOO_SHORT', 'El Dominio es muy corto, debe contener al menos 3 caracteres'); // Error message if the domain name is too short define('ERROR_TOO_LONG', 'El Dominio es muy largo, no puede superar los 63 caracteres '); // Error message if the domain name is too long define('ERROR_HYPHEN', 'Los dominios no pueden empezar o terminar por guion (-) ni contener dos guiones.'); // Error message if the domain starts with hyphen or contains double hyphen define('ERROR_CHARACTERS', 'Los dominios solo pueden contener caracteres Alfanumericos y guiones'); // Error message if the domain contains other characters than letters, digits or hyphens // This is the message displayed when someone performs a search for 'all' tld's, including ".name". // There are different rules for .name domains, they have to include "." (a dot) within the name // while other domains must not include ".". Your visitor is warned to perform a separate search. define('NAME_WARNING', '.name tld has not been checked, please perform a separate search'); // and potential errors: define('ERROR_NAME_DOT', '.name tld must include . (a dot) in its name, eg. john.smith'); define('ERROR_NAME_LEN', 'A second part of .name tld (after dot) must be at least 3 characters long'); ?> <? echo PAGE_TITLE_META; ?>